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Patience is a learned skill.

It’s a word and an action that may not be the most popular within our industry at the moment, especially where the Government of Saskatchewan’s new tender procurement process is concerned.

We know that practising patience becomes increasingly difficult when steady employment and wages are hanging in the balance. However, now is not a time to panic.

Let’s keep in mind that most new processes and procedures will have kinks that need to be ironed out before they run as efficiently as planned. We also must be reminded that any frustration or confusion being felt as a result is not the intention of any new plan.

Clearly, there are concerns already being voiced from within our industry. Those concerns have been heard.

The Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association is working with Priority Saskatchewan and the Ministry of Highway’s executive team to work through these early issues.

When it comes to the submission procedure for tenures, SHCA plans to offer training on what is required to successfully submit these tenures and all applicable information that is to be included.

We should be reminded that earlier this year our provincial government invested more than $800 million in roads and highways. A healthy and thriving economy and growth within the business community relies heavily on an efficient network of roads and highways. That’s where our industry comes into play.

It is our hope that our government will again listen to our concerns about the procurement process and it how affects our business.

Let’s remember that the Ministry of Highways is in a tight spot with these late tenders, as it has been presented with myriad issues it has never had to deal with prior to this new system.

It's important to note that despite early challenges, we’re confident that best value will benefit the Saskatchewan industry in the longer term.



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